Gender Marketing


Gender Marketing is not about male versus female. It is about understanding your customer and his profile thoroughly. Marketers generally adopt the approach of neutral marketing to play safe; by and large both men and women feel that they have not been targeted by the marketers properly. The marketers should continuously strive for competitiveness and take benefits from the ever changing environment which can be facilitated by the realization of the concept of gender marketing. In this article I will discuss about the changing role of women today and how it has an impact in marketing of products like online selling, car purchase, garment purchase and food & drinks. Continue reading “Gender Marketing”


Writing Want and Paragraph Topic Sentence

An essay is a group of paragraphs that develops one central idea. The 3 parts of an essay are: 1). Introductory paragraph  2). The body paragraphs   3). The conclusion. The introductory paragraph should introduce the topic, indicate generally how the topic is going to be developed, should be inviting and contains a thesis statement (with a topic andcentral ideas) A thesis statement is the main idea of the whole essay which actually helps us to focus on our essay. Continue reading “Writing Want and Paragraph Topic Sentence”

A Business Proposal to Improve Production


The Baderman Island Resort has 3 hotels, a convention center, 4 restaurants, 2 gift shops, a pro shop and a spa. While all of the business entities are owned by the Baderman Island Resort and executively managed by the Boardman Management Group, each business entity is operated independently. Each business entity was opened at different times and, while each entity started out with up-to-date computer hardware and software, upgrades of equipment and software have not been uniform. The word processing software in use at the Resort is a case in point. Currently, we have: * 26 computers runningWindows XP and Word XP
* 38 computers running Windows 2000 and Word 2000
* 6 computers running Windows 98 and Word 97

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Business Opportunities Under Globalization

1a. Explain briefly how globalization has affected it.
Under the influence of globalization, language is affected. Societies are shaped to be more multi-lingual due to the advancement in transportation technology and communication technology that increase cross-boundary interactions. With increasing international trade,new markets are opened up, some languages, like Chinese, become more popular. According to the World Trade Ogranization (2013), both the imports and exports of China to the world in 2012 are 10 times of that in 2000. Meanwhile, the number of non-native speakers who took the Chinese Proficiency Test also increased 5 times from 117,600 in 2005 to about 750,000 in 2010. (Liu,2011) Increasing international trade gives people incentive to learn a second or third language. Languages of countries with economic strength are becoming more globalized.

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The Long Term of the Net and small Business

“The smartphone revolution can be actually under-hyped; a fantastic deal much more folks have use of phones compared to use regarding operating water. We’ve throughout absolutely no way had something such as this ahead of since the beginning with the planet.” (Marc Andreessen) The Actual particular future pertaining to little enterprises as well as the web is actually really user-friendly mobile websites. Nowadays our world is actually built around accessibility utilizing nearly most of individuals tend to become carrying iPhones, iPads, or even perhaps Smartphones regarding quick as well as straightforward navigation. little companies must utilize most likely the particular real most up-to-date web-based advertising in supplement to advertising tools they are driving new as well as returning customers on-line or perhaps possibly to the mobile website, of course, if your company don’t anyone think could always be detrimental with regard to one to answer for the actual business. Tiny companies must embrace in addition to remain in front of the particular technologies styles to possess an individual to ensure every individual using a mobile device can simply discover along with navigate via his or even maybe the woman’s around the specific net business. Bellevue Splendor Walk, is actually a little business may be Newport, Rhode Island by which sells gift items, jewelry, accessories, and also sweetness products. The Actual Real owner began the ex organization throughout 2004 and also carries on so as to be progressively creating at any time since. Your Own Woman launched the actual particular business’s website throughout 2006, the whole 12 months correct right after the first Cyber Monday, around the beginning in the internet shopping craze. the Woman’s internet site started just being an informational site using directions as well as what sort of individual could probably get inside touch with the real store. these days the actual actual web site tells friends about the woman store, new arrivals, events, as well as a little choice associated with well-liked products regarding on-line purchase. The Particular Specific owner features an internet designer to help the actual woman’s keep the website clean and updated, however the rapid growth involving technologies constantly challenges your own ex to keep forward as well as fall from your approach side inside the overabundance regarding evolving on your world wide web businesses. power of Mobile InternetÂ

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