Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Discusses the relationship between critical thinking and the decision-making process.

This paper defines the terms ‘critical thinking’ and ‘decision making’ to understand this relationship between the two. It then discusses how these two concepts relate to one another and the benefits essay writing service best of critical thinking for the decision-making processes. Finally, a discussion is presented on whether or not critical thinking is present in the author’s personal organization, with examples supporting this discussion.

Decision making is simply the steps write an essay on natural resources taken to come to a conclusion, whether those steps are logical or not. Interestingly, decision making does not have to be an individual process. Decision making can occur in groups as well. This is experienced daily in democracies or consensus settings. This pluralistic view of decision making occurs in a variety of settings such as: governments, businesses, and families. The end result, however, is the same – an alternative is selected as the response to a situation.