Non-Profit vs. Profit

For-profit hospitals provide a service to make a profit which is returned first to organizations and then to their shareholders. Non-profit hospitals exist first to provide a service and second to accumulate assets which are returned to the hospital’s community in the form of additional services (Consumers Union, 1998). Johns Hopkins Hospital is non-profit healthcare organization that provides many service to the Baltimore community as well as worldwide.

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Warrantless Arrest

1. Search incident to lawful arrest – This rule permitted an officer to perform a warrantless search during or immediately after a lawful arrest, regardless of what the arrest was for. A search on this basis is now limited to only the person arrested and the area immediately surrounding the person in which the person may gain possession of a weapon, in some way effect an escape, or destroy or hide evidence.
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American Telephone & Telegraph and At&T

The AT+T Corporation, formerly known as The American Telephone and Telegraph Company, was incorporated on March 3, 1885 in New York as a wholly owned subsidiary of The American Bell Telephone Company. Its original purpose was to manage and expand the burgeoning toll (long distance) business of American Bell and its licensees. It continued as the long distance company until December 30, 1899 when it assumed the business and property of American Bell and became the parent company of the Bell System.

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A Business Proposal to Improve Production


The Baderman Island Resort has 3 hotels, a convention center, 4 restaurants, 2 gift shops, a pro shop and a spa. While all of the business entities are owned by the Baderman Island Resort and executively managed by the Boardman Management Group, each business entity is operated independently. Each business entity was opened at different times and, while each entity started out with up-to-date computer hardware and software, upgrades of equipment and software have not been uniform. The word processing software in use at the Resort is a case in point. Currently, we have: * 26 computers runningWindows XP and Word XP
* 38 computers running Windows 2000 and Word 2000
* 6 computers running Windows 98 and Word 97

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Business Opportunities Under Globalization

1a. Explain briefly how globalization has affected it.
Under the influence of globalization, language is affected. Societies are shaped to be more multi-lingual due to the advancement in transportation technology and communication technology that increase cross-boundary interactions. With increasing international trade,new markets are opened up, some languages, like Chinese, become more popular. According to the World Trade Ogranization (2013), both the imports and exports of China to the world in 2012 are 10 times of that in 2000. Meanwhile, the number of non-native speakers who took the Chinese Proficiency Test also increased 5 times from 117,600 in 2005 to about 750,000 in 2010. (Liu,2011) Increasing international trade gives people incentive to learn a second or third language. Languages of countries with economic strength are becoming more globalized.

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